Teaching at USAFA

Introductory Composition and Research (ENG111)

Fall 2015

Implemented a first-year writing course based in fundamentals of rhetoric. Assignments foster students’ abilities to read and write complex texts while developing an awareness of contexts, audiences, and purposes for writing.

Teaching at the University of Michigan

Writing and Academic Inquiry (ENGL 125)

Winter 2014 and Winter 2015 co-sponsored by the Health Science Scholars Program

Designed and taught a first-year writing course focused on supporting students in the acquisition of literacy practices exercised in health- science related careers. Reading and writing assignments emphasize the significance of written communication and research methods in health science professions, biomedical ethics, and health policy.

Winter 2010, Fall 2012, RE: Writing

Fall 2009, Living Literacies

English 225 Academic Argumentation: Public Documents, Public Lives

Fall 2010, Winter 2011

This particular section of English 225 will develop students understanding of the components of a long-form academic research project, and of the research skills that support such a project through an examination of the ways in which public discourse—-both written and spoken—influences the structure of communities. In this course, each student choose one pieces of discourse—a speech or public document—that he or she believe is worth studying in closer detail. The students then get the chance to think about why the discourse is important (developing exigence), what others have said about the discourse (lit review), how it was constructed (rhetorical analysis), and how it influences our day to day lives (inference and Generalization). Students write a series of three standalone papers about their chosen discourse; these papers help students see the key components of academic argumentation. Students then revise each of these papers into larger academic project: a seminar paper.

English 229 Professional Writing: Professional Writing and the Knowledge Economy

Winter 2012 and Winter 2013

As the United States economy becomes increasingly reliant on the production and consumption of knowledge (in addition to goods and services), writing becomes an increasingly important part of all professional transactions. This section of English 229 (Professional Writing) explores three key questions about workplace-related writing: What kinds of writing actually happen in professional settings? What are the physical, material, and political constraints that shape how writing happens in professional contexts? What is the market value of writing as a commodity in professional and workplace contexts? The course offers a hands-on opportunity to practice writing clear, straightforward, and rhetorically sensitive prose. Assignments introduce students to the forms, methods, standards, and issues central to writing in the workplace. Student learn the rhetorical tools needed to effectively tackle new writing tasks in any workplace setting. Assignments include blog posts; abstracts and executive summaries, meeting minutes and technical instructions; composing job application materials; conducting and reflecting on an informational interview; researching an investigative report; and working with a group to compile a sales proposal.

Teaching at Wheaton College (IL)


Literacy and Social Justice (ENGL 103):  An academic writing and research course focused on developing rhetorical awareness, critical analysis, and close reading skills.  Course topic focused on helping students develop an awareness of the social constraints surrounding access to education.

Problems in the Arts and Contemporary Culture (ENGL 104): An accelerate academic writing and research course focused on developing rhetorical awareness, critical analysis, and close reading skills.  Course topic focused on helping students develop an awareness of visual rhetoric and creative processes by encouraging students to write about topics related to the significance of film, television, visual and performing arts in popular culture.


Classics of Western Literature (ENGL 101)

Literature of the Western World (ENGL 102)

Literature of the Modern World (ENGL 105)